Patrick has likened this addition to a pregnancy for the last trimester (yes, it will be almost nine months to the day, since I wrote the first check to the contractor). And, like I remember feeling in that last three months each time, I have been increasingly anxious, moody and eager to get on with it. Unlike a pregnancy, though—where each week means greater likelihood of a healthy, fully developed baby—this thing dragged on . . . and on . . . and on . . . with lots of excuses but no real reasons.

I feel like I’ve been in labor for the last week or two. Ever the mellow and understanding homeowner (Patrick escapes to his studio as early in the mornings as possible), I reached the breaking point and became the squeakiest hinge you have ever heard. It worked! As you can see—just like the final push, which delivers that new life into the world—we have a new classroom/studio, where we will hold classes and meet with clients to discuss making their dreams a reality.

And all that’s left for us to do (besides all the landscaping and patio outside) is add our Cut+Paste touches. I did the stairs, and once the guard and stair rails are installed (this WILL be 100% complete, someday soon), I’ll do the risers.

I have been utterly freaked out that this has taken so long because it officially launches the umbrella business--8237, INC.—from which Cut+Paste, TEACH, and DC2 are components. Like pieces of a puzzle, these facets come together to support each other, as I pull out all the stops, to create my dreams. I have learned to “trust the process of life” in this time, and as I have watched my bank account dwindle, instead of utter panic, I have affirmed that “the universe works in perfect time, to provide me what I need, when I need it.”  

My leaving corporate America—where I earned a steady paycheck, drove a company car, filled it with gas paid for with a company card, and entertained my clients with a company AMEXCO; had health, eye dental and company paid life insurance and ten paid holidays—was a giant leap of faith. I was miserable.  I am an artist, not a sales person. I love lighting (DC2), but I want to give my clients the best product for their application and aesthetic, not necessarily what the company manufactures. I didn’t want to live out of a suitcase or put 30K miles on a car, even if it wasn’t mine. My life in the lighting industry since day one: merger/acquisition. I could go from being a secure National Sales Manager to “We won’t need you anymore; we’re keeping our existing management team in place.”

Time to go. Probably five years ago. But I was too worried I wouldn’t be able to make it on my own. The universe’s voice grew louder and more reassuring. Living with an artist who praised my every creation, fueled my fire. My kids turned into thriving adults, who begged me to go for it.  And I reached the point, when I decided to leap. I neither took wing nor crashed and burned. The universe had other ideas. So, I have free-floated, sometimes hitting turbulence and other times just enjoying the view and learning lessons.

I’ll be teaching at Purdue in the Fall. And now I can go for the rest. I hope you like our classroom.  Can you imagine coming in, getting a cup of coffee or tea and taking a seat, ready to learn in this atmosphere? I hope so!

Now, I’ll be conversing with the universe to send me clients and students. Stay tuned. I think good things are about to happen!