I’ve hesitated to write because I have been SO frustrated about the time it has taken to build the addition, which will officially launch my business called 8237, LLC.  If you’re reading this, you found it on Cut+Paste, the collage and mosaic/surface treatment offering from Patrick and me. It was the one thing I could start on, while the house is torn up.  
But it’s only part of my grand dream.  We have spent the last nine years turning the house into a virtual art gallery.  In that time, people who have seen it have told me I am in the wrong business (lighting).  My journey as a single mother (for the most part) didn’t afford me the chance to ask myself what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I found myself single with a four year old and a nine month old and started freelance writing and teaching, while I finished my Master’s.
Copywriting lead me to the first lighting manufacturer, just as I finished school, and I jumped at the chance to be their Marketing Director.  As people in lighting will tell you, “Once you’re in, it’s impossible to get out.”  And while I’m famous for doing the “impossible,” part of what I do today is lighting design, so I guess it’s true.  I love, absolutely LOVE, what lighting can do in a space, besides provide light.
For almost 30 years, I told myself, “As soon as __________, I’ll quit and start doing what I love.”  I think I lost sight of that dream, when I realized a steady check and insurance while raising three kids (yes, I did it again) was far more stable than a hit or miss job writing or designing or teaching part time as an adjunct faculty member. I did, however, manage to buy and sell four homes in that time, move to Oregon and back to Indiana (you can go home) and hone the craft of creating cool things on a limited budget.
Regarding the addition, it has been eight months now since I wrote the first check, and I have taken the journey of a lifetime, right in my existing home, while sometimes we see progress, and other times we see . . . nothing. For days.
I didn’t quit my job at Philips, thinking I’d start my new pursuit the next day.  But I did think it would happen months ago.  So, I decided to be like a fisherman and repair the nets, while the conditions refused to let me fish.
I meticulously planned the business: 8237, LLC is the umbrella company which offers everything I have done with the house that I can also do for clients: Interior design, room layouts, material specification and purchase—every single facet of a room, or just a portion—with a concentration on lighting design. Landscapes complete with lighting, to create the perfect outdoor space and gardens. Cut+Paste covers the collage, mosaic, and surface treatment of walls, floors, counter tops and furniture.
And, once the addition is complete, I will have a working studio and classroom from which to TEACH: classes in Composition and Internet Usage (for those who need the extra help), Gratitude and Self Empowerment, for anyone who wants to feel strong, self-reliant and grateful. And each segment feeds the others.  But it isn’t ready yet!!!
So, for now, I found the graphic in this blog appropriate to my message.
Stay tuned . . . for both the finished classroom/studio photos and the manifestation of my dream.  I have found a way to take everything I love—everything I’m good at, everything I’ve been doing my whole adult life—and roll it into one company!!