I knew before I went to sleep last night that I’d be taking another step today, and it’s a very scary one, so I decided to write about it.  You see, despite working in Sales for the last 27 years, I am NOT a saleswoman.  If a person needs or wants what I have to offer, no problem.  What I can’t do is try to convince anybody that she does.

I’ve always believed in what I sold, so all I had to do is talk about it.  I’m pretty enthusiastic, and my passion is infectious. So, rather than a sales person, I considered myself a product teacher.  And, when I can cut someone’s energy bill in half and the project will pay for itself in less than a year, it’s pretty easy.  Introducing the architects to gorgeous fixtures that would add to their concepts or shine the light on another design element also required none of the used car salesman pitch.  But the initial approach was always scary.

Today, I have to begin distributing the posters advertising the four classes I want to teach from the new classroom.  And, as wholeheartedly as I believe in them, I will need the support of the community to let me post my ads . . . initial approach.  And THAT’s what scares me.  Is it my fear of rejection: Sorry, we don’t allow solicitors. Is it my fear that I’ll post them and my phone won’t ring?  Or, is it that my phone will ring, I’ll fill the classes and SUCCEED!!!!  I’ve read that our fear of success far outweighs our fear of failure.  I think it’s all three.

I’ve thought long and hard about these four classes.  I have taught the Composition class for the last ten years at IUN, Purdue, DeVry, Triton College and Indiana Tech.  People hate to write because they don’t know how.  It isn’t that they don’t have anything to say.  They just get nervous when it comes to the HOW. This class will teach people how to express what they have to say in a cohesive, thesis supporting way, with lots of editing handouts.  New writers don’t allow nearly enough time for either the conceptual phase or the editing facet.

A Writing Class in Gratitude?  I already know this will change people’s lives.  I’ve been practicing since I read Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance in 1995.  So, as a teacher and practitioner, who better than me to teach other’s to tap into an attitude of plenty? I’ve had The Best Thing That Happened to Me Today on Facebook for a few years now, so those who participate can be my testimonials!

Self-Empowerment Through Writing.  I’m sick of reading, every single day, about what happens when people feel worthless.  I have zero tolerance for bullies.  I know, firsthand, what it’s like to be a doormat.  And part of my recovery came from writing.  I can help people become self-loving, the first step to self-empowered.  And I decided the world NEEDS more of this.  It isn’t taught in the schools, and I’m not a clinical psychologist, so I make no claims in that department.  But I have developed a curriculum that I know will work.  And if I can help ONE person realize his or her unique and valuable membership in this thing we call life, I’ll have succeeded.

Last but not least, after spending five years on Facebook and seeing people say things like, “Where did you get that information,” or “How do I find information to back up what I’m saying, “ or I wish I could find a place to ________,” I concluded there is an entire segment of the population who missed the Internet Revolution, who feel lucky to be able to navigate their way to Facebook but wish they could do much more.  A group of people who have no idea that Social Media offers an entire community of others to “interact” with, if they only knew about them.  So—completely modifying the Research Across the Curriculum class I have taught—I’ll teach these people how to find the answers to all of their questions . . . how to use a search engine as an 8-Ball, to do something as simple as figuring out what kind of bird they see at the feeder—to researching their family lineage—to finding an entire group of like minded people who, for instance, want to heal from the loss of a loved one, in my Internet Research class.

And I’ll do it from the comfortable and relaxed setting of my new classroom! With small, groups. No grades, no exams,  and no pressure.  Just an opportunity to improve their outlook on life and ability to write.  And become . . . dare I say it . . . more fulfilled!

OK.  From writing this, I can go out and find places to put up my posters!!!!  The world—or at least the small radius of people who’ll see these and possibly register—NEEDS ME!  Here I go.